About Us

WHO is Alpassofood ?

We are twin brothers from Rome, Emmanuel and Lorenzo with a passion for healthy, wholesome food.

Having always been accustomed to sourcing from small local producers, during the lockdown period, finding it difficult to meet our demand, as not all producers were equipped with their own means for home delivery, we came up with the idea of creating a food distribution company ourselves.

who alpassofood is

With Rita Battisti and her husband. The Pearl of the Tiber, Orte (VT)

Small producers of Laziale buffalo cheese

First producers

We then contacted several small local producers, proposing ourselves as their distribution company in Rome and province. 

Having obtained their agreement, we created the website “AlPassoFood,” which stands for “Food for Passion,” and began offering our service to friends. 

First steps

Over time, the number of producers who have joined the initiative has expanded, as has the number of products offered.

Our producers introduced us to other producers in other areas, all of whom share a passion for their work and a love for their products, which are strictly Natural, Organic and Biodynamic.

Word of mouth among friends and acquaintances has enabled us to expand the number of clients served.

Our enterprise slowly grew.

cherry of celleno

Emmanuel and Maximus

of the Celleno Cherry Consortium

emmanuel merone


Lorenzo merone


small alpassofood producers

Lorenzo and Luigi of Idrofarm

Strawberry Producer

the expansion

We started by delivering the first boxes with our car, with the first earnings and thanks to the financial help of our family, we were able to buy a Refrigerated Van, 

this allowed us to supply some restaurants in the area as well .

Today we can offer hundreds of genuine, sustainable products that respect the rhythms of nature, which are delivered by us directly to Rome and Province and shipped throughout Italy and abroad by specialized couriers.

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