The Valley of the Mills

The Valley of the Mills, amalfi (SA)


The Aceto family deserves credit for  having been the promoter and founder of the Consortium for the Protection of the Amalfi Coast PGI Lemon , which with commitment and dedication is dedicated to 

promote and disseminate the unique characteristics of this product of excellence to consumers, traders, professional operators, the media and tour operators“.

For the numerous activities in the field of limoniculture, his father Luigi Aceto was awarded the titles of Official Knight of the Republic and Knight of Labor.

The company Salvatore Aceto , is the farm that grows lemons,

while the company La Valle dei Mulini takes care of transforming them. 

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lemons of sorrento
The Valley of the Mills

Lemons of the Coast, a family story

In the 60s other plots of land were purchased for the cultivation of lemons, among which the most important is the one located in the “Valle Dei Mulini” in Amalfi, capable of producing about 800 quintals of lemons a year, and from which the brand name derives.

In the 80s Luigi Aceto founded the “Cooperativa Amalfitana Trasformazione Agrumi”, one of the very first companies to produce and market the Costa d’Amalfi I.G.P lemon liqueur

Since 2012 the Aceto family has created the current production and processing company of its products


The Lemons of Amalfi

Most of the production therefore concerns the Amalfi Coast Lemons I.G.P. in the varieties: Sfusato Amalfitano, Zagara Bianca, Verdello.

To these are added the Fragrant Cedar of Amalfi, the Ponziro and the Giant Lemon.

Lemon Amalfi Coast

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Discover also the products of the company La Valle dei Mulini , where Salvatore’s Lemons are processed

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