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The best Laziale buffalo milk, produced at high altitude in an unspoiled valley

We bring forth with love, conviction and sacrifice, an artisanal product that is fresh every day, alive and tasty. Ours is a closed-loop production, from the cultivation of fodder without chemical additives composed of a mix of grasses that forms the food base of our buffaloes; to the non-intensive rearing of the animals.

From the production of milk for processing into spun-paste mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and cheeses with different stages of seasoning and flavors; to the selection of Buffalo meat.

Afamily business, we devote special respect to nature; a defining element of our production chain.

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Us with Rita Battisti and her husband. The Pearl of the Tiber, Orte (VT)

Small producers of Laziale buffalo cheese

We are in the municipality of Penna in Teverina in the province of Terni, on the border between Umbria and Lazio.

farmer's online shopping


At the Pearl of the Tiber, buffalos come to light following a selected mating process, they are registered in the buffalo registry by assigning them an identification code. We lovingly raise our 400 head of buffalo who reward us with good milk every day. Every moment of the day is directed toward caring for their hygiene and health in order to provide them with an optimal quality of life.


In 1968 we began buffalo breeding in the countryside of Agro pontino in Maenza (LT), in 2009 we moved to Umbria in the municipality of Penna in Teverina (TR), on the border with Lazio, purchasing an estate of 59 hectares and with the intention of following a closed-cycle feeding path, where we would grow alfalfa and ryegrass hay, corn and bran as well as fresh grass; from which we would obtain the fodder with which to feed our buffaloes.

Today, crops are enriched only by organic manure derived from stables and without the use of chemical herbicides.

The purpose of The Pearl of the Tiber is to value biodiversity and respect for nature, to create well-being, involving people, animals and the environment.


Twice a day, in the very early morning and in the afternoon we perform the milking operation in the barn, immediately afterwards we take it to our dairy a few steps away, after about an hour once the right temperature is reached, we add the rennet to start the coagulation stage.

Waiting for about five hours, after the curd has been broken, we begin the process of expertly handmade spinning and hulling.

The mozzarella thus produced is immersed in brine to refine its taste and texture.

The following morning we deliver part of the fresh product to our regular customers, while the remainder we sell to the public directly on the farm.

farmer's online shopping
farmer's online shopping

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