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Il Cipressino, Colle Val d’Elsa (SI)

For those of us born and raised in Tuscany, the art of eating well, the pleasure of good food and the genuine ingredients of our land, are elements that play a fundamental role in everyday life.

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The Territory

 This is precisely why “Il Cipressino” was born, out of a desire to share the wonderful gastronomic tradition of the region through territorial gourmet products(sauces, dressings, pasta, oil) that are an expression of Tuscan food excellence.

Simple tasty and wholesome products with authentic old-fashioned recipes.

The quality of the raw materials is the basis of these products, a small Italian excellence worth trying.

From bruschetta to pesto and various tomato sauces, Cypressino’s products will give your dishes that traditional flavor reminiscent of our grandparents’ recipes.

the cypress
the cypress
the cypress


Organic and sustainable farming, respect for Tuscan culinary tradition, and the careful development of recipes with a good, wholesome taste. Organic, Tuscan Good.

 Three simple words that express all the meaning that the “Il Cipressino” brand wants to recall in all its gourmet products.

the cypress

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