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producer of organic almonds and organic Apulian taralli

They are in northern Apulia, in Minervino Murge (BT), at the gateway to the Alta Murgia National Park


They cover about 27 hectares of the farm and number about 10,000, have an average age of 60-70 years, and are rooted in tuffaceous soil.

The predominant olive variety is Coratina, we also have a part of olive trees with olives of the Ogliarola barese variety.

In recent years we have planted a new olive grove with olives of the Leccino variety.


cover about 16 hectares of the farm and number about 6,400; they have an average age of 6 years.

The varieties of our almonds are typical of Puglia: the Filippo Cea and the Genco.

Land care

Our idea is to take care of this still hidden part of Apulia, making it feel like a gentle Diva, giving it back the beauty, respect and dignity it deserves, enriching it with the non-abandonment of the land, the wisdom of the old generations and the expertise of the new.

…Fear not, she will not be snobbish but she will be a green Diva!


I help out whenever needed in the warehouse with packaging and shipping of our products.

I am a teacher in kindergarten, I love to cook and experiment with new recipes in which oil and almonds are of course protagonists!


I coordinate all stages of production in the fields, from crop planting to harvesting, I have been working in the world of agriculture since 1974, I have also been involved in marketing fruit and vegetables in Italy and abroad in the past.


I live in Italy for love and Puglia is now my home, I am in charge of business relations with Germany and Austria, communication and marketing.

By training I am an expert in health and wellness promotion and education, and I have also worked in Hamburg and London.


I take care of the agronomic phase in olive and almond groves, processing and packaging of oil and almonds.

I research clients and take care of the relationship with them.

I am an agronomist and during the course of my thesis I analyzed the olive oil supply and value chain, comparing the experience of two Protected Designations of Origin (PDO): “Terra di Bari” and “Priego de Cordoba” (Spain).


In the company I take care of communication, marketing and business relations in northern Italy, I passionately follow all new ideas to be put into practice and flourish, I continuously learn from nature and in the fields.

By training I am an economic sociologist and expert in local development, and have worked as a researcher and consultant in Italy and abroad.

Since 2004 I have been an activist in Amnesty International against all forms of discrimination and racism.

Together we work, celebrate, fight, risk, laugh, study, think, have a new idea a week, …and the doors of our company are always open
organic almonds

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