Terra D’Arcoiris – Chiangiano Terme (SI) – Italy

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terra d'arcoiris


The Terra D’Arcoiris company of Paola Leonardi and Walter Loesch consists of about 40 ha, of which 8 of woodland, 7 of vineyard, 3 of olive grove, 4 of orchard, 18 of arable land where cereals and legumes alternate with lawn.

It is produced in certified organic farming in addition to Wine: Fruit (apples, plums, cherry trees), oil, cereals, legumes.

terra d'arcoiris


The company has been starting organic farming since 1987.

Since 1993 they have stopped fertilizing the vineyard.

Since 1990 they maintain a complete and spontaneous grassing, the grass grows tall, matures and reseeds itself.

Before harvesting they crush and entrench everything for work needs.

terra d'arcoiris
terra d'arcoiris
terra d'arcoiris


The oldest vineyard, planted in 1968, consists of a blend for Chianti of the time, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Black and White Malvasia, Trebbiano and a little Grigetto, called Pulcinuncolo, some vines of Mammolo, Ciliegiolo, and occupies 3.5 ha.

The new vineyard, planted in 1999-2001 is mostly made up of Sangiovese with plants of Syrat, Merlot, Ciliegiolo, Foglia Tonda, Mazzese, Malvasia Nera.


In 1991 4 ha of orchard, peaches, plums, cherry trees, and especially apple trees were planted. 

The varieties range from the ancient Annurca, to Goldrush, for apples, Cosciamonaca and Stanley, for plums, Bigarreau Moreau, for cherries.

The oil is produced on 3 ha of young olive trees.

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