Taxarolo Castle

The Castle of Tassarolo

The Spinola family has owned the Castle of Tassarolo since 1300. 

The castle was built around a tower of the eleventh century and was later enlarged and renovated especially during the Renaissance. 

The building below the colonnade is the mint where the Spinola minted coins until the seventeenth century.

In a report commissioned by Emperor Ferdinand III in 1656 on his imperial fiefdoms, the Castle of Tassarolo is mentioned as belonging to Count Filippo Spinola:

It is a beautiful and sturdy castle, 5 miles from Seravalle. It has about 80 families, but not subordinates. There is a good wine, any type of bread, a good quality of hay, meat, any type of cheese…
(from the Vienna State Archives).

demeter wine
demeter wine


Respect for life in all its forms is the essence that underlies the company’s philosophy: respect for nature as a land, as an environment inhabited by humans, plants, trees, animals and insects and nevertheless respect for man as a consumer of wine and the people who work in the company and who collaborate with us.

Respect can exist only if one has “listened”, and from listening to nature comes biodynamic agriculture that enriches the earth, recreating relationships, recreating life.

demeter wine
demeter wine
demeter wine


The secret is to understand nature, understand its mysterious forces and use it: therefore to do agriculture according to the laws of nature.

In fact, biodynamics destroys the foundations of industrial agriculture that makes the soil deaf, arid, dead. Today’s agriculture, unfortunately, represents the spirituality of our society.

The wine from biodynamic agriculture that is the result of this respectful collaboration between man and the earth, like all the fruits of biodynamic agriculture, brings health. This is very important for the company: to bring the well-being of a land cultivated with love and religious respect to the consumer.


Moreover, just as biodynamics regenerates the life of the earth by recreating relationships, including fundamental, that of the earth with the sky, so the Stainerian philosophy, from which biodynamics is born, tries to recreate relationships between the most beautiful and most just human beings.

In this way, the company tries to create more stimulating and human bonds and collaborations with workers and to extend them in the world to our customers… because it is hoped that a more just value system will be “contagious” and spread throughout the world like the waves of a stone thrown into the water.

demeter wine
demeter wine
rice cakes


As soon as I returned from London, where I lived for many years, I began to forge relationships with Slow Food with whom we share many principles.

One of their collaborators, agronomists and biodynamics scholars came to the company one summer evening and with a spade in his hand took a tour of our land, in our vineyards.

He came back a few hours later and told me: “Around here there is only death, this land is going towards desertification, this is the result of so many years of conventional agriculture”.

After two days of deep sadness, because for me life is sacred, I decided to convert the whole company into biodynamics.

demeter wine

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