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Subscription Cassettes

Why subscribe to the alpassofood box?

Subscribing to AlPassoFood CASSETTES is simple, fast and safe!

The most practical way to receive fresh and seasonal products every week

  • Choose the box you prefer, you will spend less than if you bought the same products from the store.
  • Special assistance is dedicated to our subscribers, directed on Whatsapp 
  • You can contact us on Whatsapp at any time,  we will respond as soon as possible.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]
  • You can call us at +39 3245498279
  • You can add more products from our  store without additional delivery costs.
  • Use the time you would have wasted to go to the supermarket differently
  • Experience the beauty of finding all the fruits and vegetables already at home
  • Natural Products without Treatments
  • You can consume the peel of all our fruits
  • Gain in Health
  • A real Food Education for your children
  • Depending on the season you will discover new products, many of which have never been seen before
  • Try new recipes and have fun cooking
  • A surprise also for your children who will learn to eat healthy discovering new flavors.
  • Every week we communicate the contents of the new cassette, you decide how to compose it based on our advice.
  • Seasonality is particularly close to our hearts
  • Stay constantly informed about the News
  • In your Account you can decide when and how to suspend your subscription


Frutta e Verdura







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leave a COMMENT IN THE NOTES at the time of payment.

In the store you can ADD other products to your box.

For each cassette, all additional products are free delivery.

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