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AlPassoFood for Solidarity Purchasing Groups Rome

We work with companies

+100 Companies

Selected only small realities!
for their ethics and the quality of their products

We are the logistics
of the little ones

Prices with lower couriers

Receive stress-free deliveries to Rome

A wide choice of products

+800 Niche products

AlPassoFood is specialized, as well as in the online sale of excellence of small local producers to private individuals, but also in:

SUPPLY of boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, of packaged products

TRANSPORT of goods from small companies to solidarity purchasing groups.

We can organize the number of deliveries per week, the quantity of products at each delivery,

the type of fresh products according to the seasonal offer and packaged products according to stock availability.


It can take place one or more times a week depending on the needs of the GAS, according to a schedule that is established during the drafting of the contract


The price of the products varies from week to week, based on a price list that follows the market prices and that is sent regularly to the GAS

The price of transport is charged only in the event that a minimum order is not reached, established during the drafting of the contract


We accept payment by bank transfer with single billing at the end of the month.


the first three deliveries are considered as test deliveries in order not to bind the GAS and allow members to decide if AlPassoFood is the right company for their needs, then the service becomes valid annually.

Online Solidarity Buying Groups

During the festive periods (summer and Christmas) there is the possibility of temporary suspension of the service, upon notification by the GAS at least one week before the suspension.

In case of midweek holidays, the change in the delivery day will be communicated by us a few days in advance

the permanent interruption of supply must be communicated at least one month in advance

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phone: +39 3245498279

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