Small Home Producers with AlPassoFood

We work with those who love nature and the territory, we collaborate only with small companies producing excellence. 

With AlPassoFood you will find products that we have tasted or tried before, we certify the quality and origin.

The choice to work only with small realities makes us proud of our territory, we want to grow together with young farmers, return to our traditions and believe in a future made by natural agriculture. 

Every day we all work together to make you discover real and authentic products.


Sometimes there is the words “Small producers of Alpassofood” in case we find that product from several farms.



To get more info on who the manufacturer is, you can ask us by contacting us by email or whatsapp.

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With Carlalberto Noè of

Small Home Producers

How we select excellence

We know each of our small producers in person.

We go to their companies to check the quality of their products and learn all about their passion.

They are often so small that we grow up with them.

We want to be the ambassadors of a Natural, Organic and Biodynamic agriculture.


The importance of buying with AlPassoFood

  1. Promotes quality agriculture, proud of its products
  2. Developing a healthy and eco-responsible diet
  3. Recreating the link between producers and consumers
  4. Supporting the local and ethical economy


Our products ensure fair business relationships with farmers.

We offer producers sufficient bargaining power that takes into account production costs,

while promoting social and environmental performance for farmers.


Local agriculture is at the heart of the concerns,

we are 100% part of this movement that pushes to strengthen and promote producers,

proud of their products,

while developing eco-responsible foods.


We want to recreate the link between producers and consumer actors.

Provide the transparency necessary for a healthy relationship,

comparing healthy and quality products with fairer and more responsible remuneration


We promote quality agriculture,

supporting the local and ethical economy in an innovative and modern way.

Environmental impact

We encourage group delivery

(delivery to a pick-up point or your workplace)

We are working to reduce our environmental impact by offering Refrigerated deliveries with Hybrid van and other CNG vehicles.

We constantly try to reduce our packaging by buying in bulk (Walnuts, Hazelnuts …) and creating less waste

Together with the manufacturers, we recycle and reuse them as much as possible.

Making the Plastic disappear altogether.

We collect folded boxes in good condition (not dirty)

that we reuse for warehouse activities or dispose of correctly

Ferrario Bio parmiggiano

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