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We believe in Passions

Welcome to the area of our e-commerce dedicated to Italian producers who bring forth excellence and quality.

We select typical Italian products  that are differentiated by the taste and passion of those who produce them.

We want to bring quality to everyone’s table.

For us, “MADE IN ITALY” is not just an indication of origin but a real philosophy.

Why become a producer partner of

We are a team that firmly believes in the quality of Italian excellence, willing to seek out the most unique and innovative products that represent the culinary excellence of our country.

This e-commerce is successful because we offer not only online sales services but also web marketing activities related to each individual brand and company.

Our goal is to tell the story of each individual label, to make people feel the culinary flavors through our descriptions, and to create a large family that accompanies small producers on the road to success.

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Digital marketing

Our marketing activities will improve visibility and positioning in the digital world.You can achieve a high number of daily views to grow your brand.

Joining the Alpassofood family will allow you to increase the prestige of your business: our users are lovers of quality and look for typical products.

We will provide you with a presence both on our social networks and within our sponsorship campaigns, implementing your views and enhancing your products.

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