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Selected Small Producers At AlPassoFood

” Here are our producers, people who inspired AlPassoFood.com and allow this project to grow.

We met each of them personally, got to know them, and they introduced us to their world and made us part of it.

From their words and stories, an infectious and uncommon passion, enthusiasm and love for their work shines through.

These are stories of sacrifice, commitment, tradition and innovation aimed at bringing a product of excellence to your table “

Today Our crops are enriched only by organic manure from the stables and without the use of chemical herbicides. The purpose of The Pearl of the Tiber is to value biodiversity and respect for nature, to create well-being, involving people, animals and the environment.

Well before we started the production of Parmigiano Reggiano (January 2013), our farm began raising dairy cattle IN ORGANIC REGIME ALREADY IN THE 1980s.

SaporMaris was founded in 2009 by owners Borzelli and De Rossi, who have always been devotees of genuine things from the sea and land. A passion for sport fishing, the availability of fresh fish, combined with the cult of good food, have made the homemade artisan production of smoked fish e roe became an important point of reference for friends and acquaintances who at all times of the year made and still make rampant demand for it.

Di Rovasenda Biandrate Maria is a predominantly rice farm in the province of Vercelli established in the 1970s.

Mary becomes its intestate, carries her father’s legacy with her and ferries the company into the world of organic giving valid demonstration of courageous female entrepreneurship

Paola Leonardi and Walter Loesch’s Terra D’Arcoiris farm consists of about 40 ha, including 8 ha of forest, 7 ha of vineyard, 3 ha of olive grove, 4 ha of orchard, and 18 ha of arable land where cereals and legumes alternate with grassland.

Podere Marella is one of the first wineries in Italy to observe the requirements of organic farming. Founded by Fiammetta Inga in 1974, the estate is now run by her son Cosimo Bisiach, who inherited his mother’s passion for wine and love of the land.

Vittorio Scoccini, class of ’86, was born and raised in the heart of North Rome, just a stone’s throw from Ponte Milvio.

Today he has moved a little, to the Flaminio neighborhood, but every day he travels 90 km to Narni.

There, in the charming countryside of Umbria, he created his company, Agricola Nera.

Giuseppe the owner of the farm and his daughter Carlotta welcomed us by showing us all their facilities, from animals to milk and cheese production, telling us about their passion and history.

In the company, we try to create more inspiring and humane bonds and partnerships with workers and extend them around the world to our customers … because hopefully a more just value system will be “contagious” and spread around the world like the waves of a stone thrown into water.

The ancient Tenuta Orsini Farm, located at the gates of the historic village of Nepi, has been primarily engaged in the production of high quality Hazelnuts and other organic products since 2009.

Dr. Pinto Gioacchino attracted by the fascinating rural world decided to cherish the family tradition by maintaining and passing on the passion of his ancestors. A project based on organic cultivation and “short supply chain” makes its debut in the world of haute cuisine.

Praline started its activity in 1991 thanks to the initiative
Of a group of young professionals driven by passions
and from common experiences.

Massimiliano has been running the family-run farm for 8 years, obtaining an organic farming certificate, establishing a reputation for the high quality of their products and ethical breeding of Chianina cattle.

Dr. Gian Paolo Barbieri, Dr. Neda Barbieri, Dr. Eng. Tommaso Pavani, Dr. Chato Della Casa, Dr. inf Bersan.

They are the founding partners of this innovative company, they wanted to develop a product for the Italian market and that is a black garlic from an Italian PDO.

Nicola Federici is the founder of Gourmare.

Gestische a farm near Forte dei Marmi that makes fresh ready-made fish sauces with ingredients from organic farming self-produced at km 0.

Laura Lupo, an entrepreneur who, a couple of years ago, bet on the idea of bringing to national and international markets the products of her land, transformed into both sweet and savory delights to satisfy the most sophisticated palates that seek authenticity.

Luigi had a dream, to transform all the fruits of his land into products of excellence, supported by his sister Maria Sole and parents Cristiana and Sabatino, he created Ammano.

The care and attention to every single detail, every single step, guarantees our consumer a product, without smearing, good, healthy, EQUAL and SOLID, with great aromatic characteristics

Born and raised on the Amalfi Coast, in the ancient basin of Cetara, water is our home. And it is in respect of the marine ecosystem that we are allocated bluefin tuna fishing quotas for each boat by the EU every year.

The Cooperativa Mare dell’Etna di Portopalo di Capo Passero is an entrepreneurial reality born in July 2016 with the intention of creating a strictly local FAO 37 product, fished exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea and processed totally by hand

Our idea is to take care of this still hidden part of Apulia, making it feel like a gentle Diva, restoring the beauty

For four generations, Alain et Pierre Morvain’s Oyster Park in Brittany has distinguished itself in the industry for the incomparable flavor of its Oysters.


We at TORREFAZIONE CAFFÈ GOURMET, who put a lot of love and passion into it, could not miss this appointment!

Also unique to South Tyrol is the variety of seedlings of 500 different types with a list that grows longer every year.

It starts from A as Afrikanische Federblume (justicia odorata) and goes to Z as Zyprisches Strauchbasilikum (Cypriot perennial basil).

Freshly collected, kilometer zero milk from the Tuscia viterbese area, whose freshness, flavor , fragrance are evaluated.

“My grandfather Emidio started the miller business at the end of World War II.

The Italy to be rebuilt, the need to start over, led him to build not only the mill but also a pasta factory and an oil mill.

Since that first project and in order to keep my grandfather’s and family’s passion alive and consistent, for almost 20 years I have chosen to convert the mill plant and dedicate it totally to organic.

Molino Agostini is 100 percent organic.”

When Felice and Iride Guerzoni, in an effort to react to the problem of river and air pollution, decided in 1984 to embrace the Biodynamic philosophy by registering directly with Demeter in Germany for certification.

From the encounter of this memory-filled land with Ovidio and Paola’s passion for organic farming came the decision to convert the family business in 1989. A walk among the cultivated fields allows one to observe one of the unmistakable signs of agriculture in balance with the environment: wild hedges and bushes, wild animals and multitudes of multicolored flowers visited by bees to collect nectar.

A more ambitious project that has as its priority goal, respect for the environment and its preservation, convinced that sustainable agriculture also guarantees a future for the generations to follow.

Passionate about wine, he takes care of the vineyard work, winemaking and wine processing himself. No chemicals or insecticides are used, and the land is cultivated with the greatest respect for organic and biodynamic farming.

The Silvanus Organic Farm in collaboration

With the Social Promotion Association “Gipa Out of the Room.”

Proposes a garden idea “beyond Organic.”

Produce is grown using the Synergistic method, without any fertilizer, not even natural fertilizer, to offer vegetables that are 100% as the earth itself gives them to us, preserving the seasonality and natural life cycle of produce.

The Gregori Farm took its first steps about 30 years ago, with the birth of a family-run business that set out to create a sought-after agriculture that, at the same time, followed the natural growth path of the fruits of the earth.

The Cattani farm was founded in 1949 from an idea of Gino Cattani,over the years it has been growing more and more and currently operates in different sectors.

The juice which, to tell the truth, is properly a pomegranate juice is packaged in small bottles of 200ml each , from this year we also produce juice 50% pomegranate and 50% pear , both from agricultural organic .

Located in the Rimini hills, Galvanina is named after the mineral waterspring of the same name .

It was here, a century ago, that theGalvanina water bottling business began: first as an artisanal production, then as a full-fledged industrial company.

For nearly 2,000 years, Sel de GuĂŠrande has been harvested by hand. This 1,600-hectare area has been meticulously shaped by man to produce Salt. The know-how has been passed down from generation to generation until today when salt is always produced in the same way.

For those of us born and raised in Tuscany, the art of eating well, the pleasure of good food and the genuine ingredients of our land, are elements that play a fundamental role in everyday life.

Producers of the renowned Amalfi Lemon for more than two centuries. Territorial excellence. One of the very few organic farms on the coast.

They transform the Amalfi Lemon PGI into wonderful products of Tradition. Making it unique and inimitable. The use of ancient recipes handed down from father to son.

“My grandfather Emidio started the miller business at the end of World War II.

The Italy to be rebuilt, the need to start over, led him to build not only the mill but also a pasta factory and an oil mill.

Since that first project and in order to keep my grandfather’s and family’s passion alive and consistent, for almost 20 years I have chosen to convert the mill plant and dedicate it totally to organic.

Molino Agostini is 100 percent organic.”

Sophie and Nil were trying to improve their environment for the well-being of their family.

It was then that they decided to start making their own soap.

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