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Sapor Maris, Ladispoli (RM) – Italy

Artisan Producer of Smoked Fish, Salmon and Organic Bottarghe

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SaporMaris was founded in 2009 by owners Borzelli and De Rossi, who have always been devotees of genuine things from the sea and land. 

A passion for sport fishing, the availability of fresh fish, combined with the cult of good food, have made the homemade artisan production of smoked fish e roe became an important point of reference for friends and acquaintances who at all times of the year made and still make rampant demand for it. 

The experience gained in over 25 years of domestic production has turned into an unstoppable passion, enhanced by rewarding awards that have helped to indicate the reference market to which the company aspires today.

Sapor Maris uses only fresh fish for its smoking, worked strictly by hand with the only help of knives and tweezers to remove the bones without the use of machinery. 

The fish usually used is the following:  Salmon, Mullet Roe, Smoked Tuna, Smoked Swordfish, Smoked Cod, Smoked Mullet and other specialties.



Sea salt and the smoking process are the oldest preservation methods used by our ancestors, to always have precious proteins.

For millennia, before the recent era of refrigeration, these techniques were the only way to preserve the fruits of hunting and fishing in every season.

First the action of salt that subtracts water from food, then that of smoke, inhibit the proliferation of bacteria that need moisture to proliferate.

Certainly salting, smoking and drying were used excessively, giving rise to foods not suitable for the diet of modern man.


There are no sophisticated machines in the SaporMaris plant, all the processes are carried out strictly by hand with the only help of knives and tweezers to remove the bones.

Oak Wood

For us, smoking more than a simple process is a sacred, secret ritual, the tangible final result for those who want to try our product is the true signature that distinguishes the craftsman.

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