Italian chocolates

Otto Chocolates, Genovan (GE)

It involves a staff of practitioners in the cocoa and its processing into chocolate who, over many years of experience, have developed a sustainable network among farmers, local technicians, cocoa-to-chocolate processors, and internationally relevant traders.

 A streamlined and flexible structure that enables cost cutting, ensuring the end customer gets the right price for an excellent product and plant breeders get significant remuneration by actively involving them in the development of a common EQUOSOLIDAL project.


Cacao Producers

In respect for work of all partners and the end consumer, Otto Chocolates guarantees plantation assistance, including developing social and progress projects for the people involved, careful care of the post-harvest stages on the places of origin of cocoa and then transforming the best crops at a state-of-the-art processing plant and obtain chocolates of excellence, to be offered to the market in even unusual channels but always at a fair and correct price.

Italian cocoa

The Quality

The care and attention to every single detail, to every single step, guarantees our consumer a product, OUR CHOCOLATE, without smearing, good, healthy, EQUAL and SOLID, with great aromatic characteristics, convenient price, complete information and possibility to interact with the Company, with innovative communication and involvement systems.

Italian chocolates
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