Organic Mixed Citrus Box

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Organic Citrus Box

CASSETTA organic citrus fruits at home

100% Italian Citrus Fruits

A selection of the best organic farms are present in this box.

Rediscover the true taste of citrus fruits, let yourself be surprised!

Box of Organic Sicilian Citrus

What Will You Find Inside ?

Product – weight- Manufacturer

3-4 people

9Kg – 5 different varieties


Free Delivery Rome and Province

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Sicilian Oranges at Home

A wide range of the best organic oranges is present on

Depending on the seasonality you can find the varieties described below

Navel Oranges

It is recognized on the outside, in the lower part, the peel has a recess that resembles the navel.

They are present for most of the year and are the most consumed.

Navel oranges for juice have only a smaller caliber, so it is preferable to make juice.

Vanilla Oranges

The peculiarity of being Oranges not at all sour and very sweet, they have no seeds and the taste may not seem to eat an orange.

Very sweet and tasty.

Blood Oranges

Oranges with an intense red color, very fragrant, are obtained from the Moro or Tarocco variety

Tarocco oranges

They are recognized by their round shape, externally the color varies between orange and red shades.

Tarocco Juice Oranges are ideal for making orange juice, due to their high amount of liquid and reddish color.


There are more varieties of Lemons depending on the season.
Sometimes we prefer to take lemons from a small producer on the Sorrento coast.

Verdello Lemon

Green peel, which does not mean it is not ripe, but it is precisely the peculiarity of this variety of Sicilian Lemon.

Very fragrant and not very acidic

Yellow Lemon

Typical lemon that we find almost everywhere with a rounded shape.

On AlPassoFood you will find only organic lemons, so that you can also eat the peel.

White Zagara Lemon

A Lemon present briefly during the year.

When it is available be sure to put it in the cart because it can already be finished.

An excellence of the Sicilian tradition, with yellow pulp and rich in juice.

A lemon with a delicate flavor

Organic Sicilian Mandarins and Clementines


Typically less appreciated for the presence of seeds as opposed to Clementine which has few or none.

Mandarin is a fruit much appreciated for its intense aroma and its pleasant texture in the mouth.

Present from January immediately after the clementines


Appreciated by children for the absence of seeds, and its notes of sweetness. Present from October and followed by Mandarin

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