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Origin of raw materials

Flours since 1940!

“My grandfather Emidio started the miller business at the end of World War II.

The Italy to be rebuilt, the need to start over, led him to build not only the mill but also a pasta factory and an oil mill.

Since that first project and in order to keep my grandfather’s and family’s passion alive and consistent, for almost 20 years I have chosen to convert the mill plant and dedicate it totally to organic.

Molino Agostini is 100% organic.

organic flours

Why Agostini Organic Flour?

Molino Agostini stands out from other mills for the deep bond it has with the territory.

The choice to buy cereals directly from certified organic local farms derives, in fact, from the strong affection for the land and the people who take care of it daily.

Choosing organic means:

  • respect the plants as they independently develop the necessary immune defenses and are helped in growth only with natural fertilizers.
  • respect the land as crop rotation allows the proper rest of the soil and the natural restoration of the nutrients that serve their growth.
  • respect seasonality, following the rhythms of nature without forcibly intervening with chemistry.
  • choose biodiversity and choose to respect the health of those who grow and those who choose our products.
ancient grains
ancient grains
stone milling flour
stone milling

Why use stone-ground flour?

The stone  grinding  technique is the oldest method for grinding wheat and is the best and unsurpassed system for the productionof  high quality flours.

The stone-ground  flour it is better than the refined one as preserves the vitamins, mineral salts, fiber, noble proteins and enzymes of the cereal  present in wheat germ. Like this the flour is more digestible and nutritious.

Stone grinding  provides for a low wheel  speed which, in the process of milling, crushing wheat grains. This allows you to keep the temperature of the flour  constant preventing it from overheating and losing those beneficial properties that characterize it.

In compliance with the WHO guidance  and the latest research in the food field, the more refined products are assimilated by our body, the greater the amount of insulin that our body receives. One of the main causes of fat storage in the body and diseases such as diabetes or allergies.

Stone grinding is the most suitable for the production of wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flours, the only one capable of preserving wheat germ, so precious for our health.

organic flours
flour of your sack

Why ancient grains?

The antich i grains are characterized by their robustness but were abandoned in the industrial period. Ancient grains are tastier, more digestible and help to avoid the development of intolerances. They have not undergone any modification by man to increase their yield and height.

These varieties are particularly suitable for organic cultivation, where the use of fertilizers is absolutely prohibited. For this reason, products based on these grains are often organic.

Among the reasons for the recovery of these varieties of wheat there is certainly their nutritional quality, as well as their cultural and environmental value.

The selection of seeds, the advent of new technologies and also the introduction of chemicals in agriculture, has caused the loss and / or in any case the replacement of traditional seeds even with the most modern ones to the detriment of nutrition, flavor and health.

Ancient grains have taste, smells and tastes that modern wheat cannot have. In addition, being most often the result of small agricultural productions, they are more valuable and of better quality.

Why organic flour?

A flour is defined as organic when it comes from the milling of grains grown with organic farming methods.

Organic wheat, to be considered as such, must have certifications of certain control bodies that through targeted controls verify the requirements of the producing farm and if the required conditions are respected.
Wheat intended for milling is grown without the aid of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and/or pesticides, and cannot be derived from GMO seeds.
In all phases of processing, conditioning and storage, it is necessary to keep the biological raw material separate from the conventional one in order not to have any type of contamination.
Yields from organic wheat crops are lower than those using conventional methods. It is for this reason that the price of products derived from organic wheat are higher. The customer will be able to eat better and healthier products.

fermented flour

What is meant by organic farming?

The term Organic Agriculture ” indicates a cultivation method that exploits the natural fertility of the soil favoring it with limited interventions, promoting the biodiversity of domestic species and excluding the use of chemically synthesized substances and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

leavened flour

Why choose organic farming?

Choosing organic farming means respecting the environment. 
In particular it means respect the plants  as they independently develop the necessary immune defenses and are helped in growth only  with natural fertilizers.
Means respect the land  because crop rotation allows the proper rest of the soil.  In this way the right natural restoration of the nutrients that are necessary for plant growth is achieved .
Means respect seasonalityfollowing the rhythms of nature  without being chemically strained.
Means maintain biodiversity  and respect the health of those who grow and feed on these products.
Even so it is guaranteed the genuineness of organic food.

organic flour

What does Molino Agostini do in this regard?

It is precisely for these reasons that we, like Molino Agostini, try to distinguish ourselves from others!
We buy cereals directly from certified organic farms.
We do it for the deep bond we have with the territory and for the strong affection for the land and for human resources.

organic flours

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