mariucci organic farm

In an uncontaminated place that has remained intact over time, in the northern province of Rome, our family has been passionately dedicated since 2004 to the breeding of Asinelle for the production of Organic Donkey’s Milk, to the care of the pastures dedicated to them and to the cultivation of olive groves and hazelnut groves.

The Mariucci Organic Farm

It is in this territory that our company is born, where nature is respected by man, protecting with all its efforts the natural heritage that surrounds it, and applying itself to sustainable and eco-compatible agricultural activities.

donkey's milk

It is here that the Mariucci Farm carries out its mission: to breed the Donkeys in total respect of the animal and in compliance with the biological principles to which we are inspired at 360 degrees, to makedonkey’s milk easily available , a precious element since ancient times and with countlessfood and cosmetic properties .

In the same way we dedicate ourselves to the organic cultivation of our olive and hazelnut groves without the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

“The products of our company are rich in all their nutritional and organoleptic properties… they are good for the body, mind and heart.”

organic milk

Organic Donkey Milk

A safe, precious and natural food Already in the times of ancient Rome, donkey’s milk was used by man against diseases and aging of the skin. In more recent times, it has also been used against the whooping cough of children not surprisingly called asinine cough. Recent studies have shown that donkey’s milk is the natural food of animal origin, with the characteristics closer to breast milk, compared to that of other animal species. Studies have been conducted on children allergic to cow’s milk, which have shown that donkey’s milk is tolerated by most of them. The sweet taste also makes it pleasant and welcome, unlike the special formulas based on protein hydrolysates or amino acids, whose use in children allergic to cow’s milk is compromised by the taste and bitter aftertaste. High tolerability and palatability are combined with positive effects from additional nutritional factors.

The richness of lactose, has a positive effect on the intestinal absorption of calcium and can help in the treatment of osteoporosis of adults and promote the mineralization of bones in children.

The presence in donkey’s milk, of substances with probiotic activity, (which regulate the intestinal microbial flora), hormonal release factors, antibodies and nitrogenous compounds with antibacterial action, make this primordial food very useful also in the diet of elderly and debilitated people.

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