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Organic and sustainable Italian rice

The farm Di Rovasenda Biandrate Maria is a mainly rice farm in the province of Vercelli born in the 70s of the last century.

It is located close to the Biella hills among the first flat lands that see the cultivation of rice possible.

This land is called “baraggia”, it is not particularly fertile, on the other hand it guarantees a high quality production.

Rosavenda Solidarity Rice

The activities at the head of the Di Rovasenda family began in the 70s of the last century, then in 1995 Maria became the owner, brought with her the legacy of her father and ferried the company into the world of organic giving valid demonstration of courageous female entrepreneurship.

The application of natural methods has been taking place since 2008, with gradual steps implementing the first request for certification in 2013, pending bureaucratic obligations, in 2016 the biological file is opened on part of the company’s land.

Mary of Rosavenda Biandrate

Maria di Rosavenda Biandrate (Owner)

rice paddy

The Barraggia

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rice agriculture

The Barragia Territory of Rosavenda

The castle of Rovasenda and the territory near the homonymous stream are recognized as a site of community interest,

indicated with the name of Baraggia di Rovasenda and

listed among the Sites of Community Importance (SCI) with the code IT1120004.

The soils are characterized by the poverty of nutrients and considerable water stagnation.

Barraggia rice

Rice processing, Product tracking begins in the field.

Each grain of rice (or other product) grown and harvested at the Teglio farmhouse is traced so as to be able to retrace its history, at any time.

From sowing to the moment it enters the homes and restaurants of those who have chosen it,

Carnaroli rice


St. Andrew

Rosa Marchetti

Traced according to the plots in which it grew; thanks to the lots, we can then follow it from the field to the warehouse, as paddy rice is brought to the rice mill to be processed, and back to the company, ready to be packaged and sold.

Its route, as well as traced, is really at km 0, thanks to the collaboration with the Riseria Fratelli Guerrini which has quality products and is authorized for the processing of organic rice, is located in Salussola, a few kilometers from Rovasenda, production area.

The rice produced and sold is sustainable because every stage of processing is conducted without using chemicals

limiting non-organic packaging materials as much as possible.

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barraggia rice

Sustainable during cultivation

  • It is grown without the use of chemicals
  • Currently a part of the land is certified organic, in particular in 2017 Baldo rice and Rosa Marchetti rice were harvested; the analyses carried out on organic rice (analysis dated July 2017) gave an excellent response: no trace of the active ingredients sought;
  • The remaining part of the land is in the second year of conversion, from these lands Sant’Andrea rice and Carnaroli rice were harvested;
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