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Alpassofood the best producers at your doorstep

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how it works

Producers carefully selected for their passion and relationship with the land of origin


Handcrafted products, one-of-a-kind rarities, true specialties. Rediscover true flavors and try to surprise yourself


Transparency and more information about your purchases

delivery in rome organic products

Refrigerated transport

organic online shopping

If you are not satisfied with a product, for valid cause, you will be refunded


Add your products to your cart wherever you are even from mobile
refrigerated organic online shopping

100% secure and certified payments


Subscribe by choosing your favorite box or purchase your own box.

rome deliveries

In Rome and Province deliveries Tuesday and Friday.

delivery of organic products rome

In Italy deliveries within 24/48H

organic fruit and vegetable delivery Italy

Receive a confirmation email or sms with the delivery time slot

How does it work?

1. Browse through our SHOP

Compose your cart by selecting the products you prefer.

2. …Or be surprised by one of our CASSETTE (subscription and non-subscription)

Choose the cassette that suits you best or compose it by customizing it

In Rome and province, shipping of cassettes is always free of charge


It only takes a few seconds to join the AlPassoFood family.

4. Pay in total security.

You can pay for your groceries by credit card, prepaid card, or using the Paypall payment system

5. What’s next?

Shortly after your purchase you will receive an email confirming that your order has been taken care of, with all the details, and then an ’email or sms of successful shipment with time slot for delivery.

6. Receive groceries

Comfortably at home and be surprised by the authentic taste of our excellence.

Reservations are required for some products

Timelines may vary from 3days to 14days in advance

We want to give the small manufacturer time to better prepare your order

Payment should be made at the time of booking the product

At the end of the last day of booking, the product is picked up by us and put into delivery

food reservation

-> You can SAVE MONEY by subscribing to a SUBSCRIPTION ,

According to your desired periodicity (every week or every 2 weeks)

We will take care of getting REGULARLY delivered to YOUR HOME,

to the deadlines you have defined, the cassette composition you have chosen,

payment will be charged only on the chosen due date.

->DISCLAIM your subscription at any time.

-> For all subscription customers in Rome and Province.

DELIVERY is FREE, in the rest of Italy it costs 10€.


Rome and Province

For better freshness of the products, delivery is made by us on TUESDAY and on THURSDAY (your choice),

All fresh produce is picked in the morning and delivered in the afternoon/evening.

With additional option to choose the preferred time slot (by entering the preferred time slot or by entering in the notes)

Also request delivery on other days of the week (Monday through Saturday, preferably in advance),

We will inform you by message if possible.

FREE SHIPPING for orders of $25 or more.

For orders of a smaller amount, shipping has a cost of 4,5€.


Following Cap: 00013, 00015, 00043, 00060, 00063, 00065
00067, 00068, 00069, 00118, 00120, 00123, 00127, 00128, 00131, 00133, 00134, 00135, 00136, 00137, 00138, 00139, 00140, 00141, 00142, 00143, 00144, 00145, 00146, 00147, 00148, 00149, 00150, 00151, 00152, 00153, 00154, 00155, 00156, 00157, 00158, 00159, 00160, 00161, 00162, 00163, 00164, 00165, 00166, 00167, 00168, 00169, 00170, 00171, 00172, 00173, 00174, 00175, 00176, 00177, 00178, 00179, 00180, 00181, 00182, 00183, 00184, 00185, 00186, 00187, 00188, 00189, 00190, 00191, 00192, 00193, 00194, 00195, 00196, 00197, 00198, 00199, 01028, 01030, 01032, 01033, 01034, 01035, 01036, 01037, 05028, 02046

Province and Distant Areas of rome

For better freshness of the products, delivery is made by us on TUESDAY and on THURSDAY (your choice),

Also request delivery on other days of the week (Monday through Saturday, preferably in advance), 

We will inform you by message if possible.

FREE SHIPPING for orders of $59 or more.

For orders of a smaller amount, shipping has a cost of 5.90€.

Following Chapters:

00010, 00011, 00012, 00017, 00018, 00019, 00020, 00021, 00022, 00023, 00024, 00025, 00026, 00027, 00028, 00029, 00030, 00031, 00032, 00033, 00034, 00035, 00036, 00037, 00038, 00039, 00040, 00041, 00042, 00044, 00045, 00046, 00047, 00048, 00049, 00051, 00052, 00053, 00054, 00055, 00057, 00058, 00059, 00061, 00062, 00066, 00070,00071, 00072, 00073, 00074, 00075, 00076, 00077, 00078, 00079, 00119, 00121, 00122, 00124, 00125,00126, 01012, 01030,

In Italy

Shipping is guaranteed by express courier in 24/48H from departure.

Delivery time chosen by the courier company.

If your products are readily available, processing of the box is done the same day.

We ship Monday through Thursday.

For REFRIGERATED product deliveries (Fresh Meat, Fish and Dairy products), the extra price for packaging is 6.50€.

FREE SHIPPING for orders of $89 or more.

For smaller orders, shipping costs 10€ (+6.50€ for refrigerated products)


In EU countries, deliveries can take from 48 hours up to 96 hours, depending on the activity load of logistics companies.

Our shipping costs are inclusive of VAT.

All European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden).

Delivery in 48/72h at a cost of 20€

For REFRIGERATED product deliveries (Fresh Meat, Fish and Dairy) the extra price for packaging is 10€.

“NON-EU” & “non-EU” countries


extra eu: rest of the countries

Delivery in 72h-96h

We request the list of products to be purchased, to estimate the exact shipping cost

Contact customer service

(customs clearance carried out by courier, charges to be paid by customer upon delivery)


-> If a product DOES NOT SATISFY YOU because the quality has deteriorated due to transportation, you can report it to us within 24h by sending an email and you will receive a voucher of the same value to spend on your next order.

If you need help you can contact our support:


e-mail: [email protected]

Tel. +39 3245498279

Mon-Sat/ 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Always available on WHATSAPP