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Gourmet Roasting, Imola (MO)

Organic and fair trade coffee producer

Organic is Loving. Not only Nature but also our future generations to guarantee them a better and healthier future.

The term “ organic farming ” indicates a method of cultivation that allows only the use of natural substances, that is, present in nature, excluding the use of substances of chemical synthesis (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides).

Organic farming means developing a production model that avoids the overexploitation of natural resources, in particular soil, water and air, using these resources instead within a development model that can last over time.

Italian organic coffee
Italian organic coffee
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Gourmet Roasting and Fairtrade Certification

As much as 80% of the coffee we drink every day has been grown by 25 million small producers in rural areas of Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia.

The instability of market prices, the ever higher production costs, the lack of basic services (schools, hospitals, transport and electricity), combined with climate change, make the daily work of these farmers increasingly difficult.

For this reason, TORREFAZIONE CAFFÈ GOURMET has chosen Fairtrade certification for its AMA blend.

This certification ensures that producers are guaranteed a fair price, an additional margin to invest in community development projects (Fairtrade Premium) and technical support for sustainable cultivation practices and product quality improvement.

Conversion to organic is also supported: the AMA blend is also organic.

FAIRTRADE means respect for human rights and nature, but also quality and love for those who do their job with passion. We at TORREFAZIONE CAFFÈ GOURMET, who put a lot of love and passion into it, could not miss this appointment!

Italian organic coffee
gourmet roasting
Italian organic coffee

Certification from organic farming

The certification from organic farming has been issued to TORREFAZIONE CAFFÈ GOURMET because at every stage of the production process of the products, a series of rules established in Italy by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies have been respected.

Controls were carried out in every single part of the production cycle from the beginning of production, in the processing phases, in storage.

For us at TORREFAZIONE CAFFÈ GOURMET, Organic is Love. Not only Nature but also future generations, to guarantee them a better and healthier future.

Italian organic coffee
quality coffee

Specialty Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit association, founded on the values of inclusion, openness and believing in the power of shared knowledge.

From coffee farmers to baristas and roasters, the association embraces the entire world of coffee, including all elements of the coffee value chain.

SCA acts as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry and is committed to raising the quality standards of coffee worldwide through a collaborative and progressive approach.

The SCA is dedicated to creating a fair and sustainable industry that is profitable for all, drawing on years of experience from the specialty coffee community.

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To obtain a good “Espresso”, or the maximum “Expression” of coffee in the cup, you need a lot of passion, which in practice translates into the utmost attention to detail and the obsessive care of the machinery.

Once the grinding is “in place”, we must always observe how and in how long our coffee “goes down”, otherwise we will administer “ciofeche”, as Totò called the autarchic coffees, instead of the Espresso.

A coffee that goes down quickly will be UNDEREXTRACTED, so probably with little taste and aroma, little body with light cream and rich in bubbles.

But the opposite must also give rise to concern. A coffee that “never” goes down will be OVEREXTRACTED, therefore bitter, with dark cream and inevitable white spot where the last drops of “charred” coffee have fallen.

In all these cases, it is necessary to review the grinding, the dose delivered, better calibrate the pressing and, not least, the various parameters of the machine, including cleaning.

In order to avoid enriching the other bartenders in the area, and to have only customers who “need the bathroom”, it is advisable to follow all the necessary precautions, and to treasure the teachings, experience and mistakes that are made

Italian organic coffee

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