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Located on the hills of Rimini, Galvanina takes its name from the homonymous source of mineral water.

It is here that, a century ago, the bottling of Galvanina water began: first as an artisan production, then as a real industrial company. 

Today Galvanina manages three production plants located in central Italy: Galvanina and San Giuliano at the homonymous sources in the province of Rimini and Apecchio at the Val di Meti spring in the central Apennines. 

The company is renowned for its continuous research into quality improvement, the use of the best ingredients, sustainability and artisanal attention to detail. 

Galvanina produces and bottles mineral water,  flavored water,  organic soft drinks and mixers , as well as iced teas.

With its own brand, or with brands of major high-quality retail chains .

The 2000s, the turning point of organic

Galvanina’s expansion continued in the 2000s.

The increase in demand for the products leads the company to distribute mineral water and beverages in several international retail chains.

To affirm the successes achieved, Galvanina expands its production: the Rimini plant is joined by that of Apecchio, where the water from the Val di Meti spring is bottled. Galvanina shows that it understands the market and its trends and is dedicated to the creation of organic drinks.

Vision and mission

Our vision

To become the best “boutique” company of soft drinks in the world, able to satisfy consumers with excellent products and to offer business partners impeccable service.

Our Mission

Create and sell a range of organic and conventional beverages unique and high quality, lead the development of the category of premium mineral waters and become a reference point for the best retailers globally as an alternative to brand leaders and for the main customers of the “out-of-home channel”, a successful brand player for all relevant consumption occasions.


Galvanina soft drinks have been awarded with numerous awards all over the world.

The unique and innovative taste features, but also the iconic packaging with the original sculpted glass bottle, have earned Galvanina very important awards, which have confirmed the value of the brand in the beverage sector.

2021 London, UK – The Spirits Business Tonic & Mixer Masters

The Spirits Business Tonic & Mixer Masters is one of the most appreciated and famous “blind-tasting” competitions in the world.

The jury aims to find and award the best Tonic & Mixer brands on the world stage.


In 2021 six Galvanina mixers receive the gold medal.
Let’s start with the Classic Bio Galvanin Tonic , followed by the Organic Galvanin Yellow Grapefruit Tonic and the Bio Galvanin Mediterranean Tonic awarded as Best Flavored Tonic.
The Bitter Lemon Bio Galvanina received the Best Bitter Lemon award, while the Cola Ginger Bio Galvanina as Best Cola.
Finally, the Classic Organic Ginger Beer was awarded as Best Ginger Beer.

2019 London, UK – Bellavita Awards

bellavita award

The Bellavita Awards is the main international competition dedicated to Italian food and wine excellence and is held in London every year.

In 2019 Galvanina receives two important awards thanks to two drinks that are confirmed to be among the most appreciated.


Ginger Beer Galvanina was awarded as the overall winner of the Beverage category, while Galvanina Lemonade was awarded three stars.

2018 France – Saveur de l’AnnĂ©e

saveur de l'annee

In 2018, French consumers recognized two Galvanina drinks as the best taste of the year (Saveur de l’AnnĂ©). Lemonade Galvanina and Ginger Ale Galvanina , with their pungent and refreshing flavors, have been able to conquer the palate of the most demanding customers from beyond the Alps.

2016 USA – Fancy Food Sofi Award

sofi finalist 2016

Galvanina’s innovation and creative flair were rewarded in 2016, in the United States, with the Fancy Food Sofi Award. The award, in the category “Cold beverage ready-to-drink” went to the drink Blood Orange, black carrot and blueberry Galvanina , as the most innovative taste.

2014 London, UK: Quality Food Award

quality food awards

In 2014, in London, Galvanina won the Quality Food Award, thanks to its Mandarino Galvanina drink.

The award celebrates the best Italian food product available in the UK.

2011 Tokyo – Good Design Award

tokyo good design award

The unmistakable sculpted glass bottle earned Galvanina the Good Design Award, Tokyo 2011. The award, born in 1957, celebrates the best design products in the world, understood not only as objects, but above all as “what enriches people’s lives”.

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