The farm is located in a flat area , typical of the table area, “Contrada Acquamela” and covers 8
hectares in which olive cultivars ” Bella di Cerignola ” alternate.

The Story

The company was born from the idea of cherishing a tradition and maximizing it across the board.

The Fusillo/Pinto family has always worked in agriculture by maintaining and passing on their passion and its knowledge from generation to generation, particularly intriguing one of the heirs, the Dr. Pinto Joachim who, attracted to the fascinating rural world, decided to “take the bull by the horns” by not only earning a degree cum laude in Agricultural Sciences, but taking over in 2018 as a partner and active part of the company.


A love of nature, study and resourcefulness have enabled the coordination of a project based on organic cultivation and the “short supply chain” that is, the step-by-step transformation of raw materials that has been making its debut in the world of haute cuisine for a few years now.

The business outlook is aimed at strengthening a century-old tradition that is the result of sacrifice and hard

Oliva Bella of Cerignola

The world’s largest olive growing in the Tavoliere delle Puglie area.

This is an indigenous variety that has always been used by the people of Apulia and has now conquered tables all over the world.

This type of olive is not suitable for oil production, but it is beloved for its flesh and size.

The mesocarp is green, firm and flavorful; especially suitable for aperitifs.

In our company we control all stages of production, from cultivation to packaging.

The processing method is the artisanal one, the same as that adopted by our grandparents.

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