Fruit and Snacks in the Office?

Fruit and snacks in the office?

Change the Coffee break and the lunch break in the office!

  • Replace the snack machine with the AlPassoFood box
  • Natural Products without Treatments
  • You can consume the peel of all our fruits
  • Gain in Health
  • A real Food Education for your children
  • At a low cost but with a significant impact both on the well-being of the employee and on the return of image for the company itself
  • Only Organic Italian Seasonal Fruit
  • Hazelnut, Almond and Walnut Snacks
  • Insert healthy snacks for your employees
  • Try the work break with a nice fresh fruit and healthy snacks
  • They will learn to eat healthy during breaks
  • They will learn the true taste of fruit and its seasonality
  • Special assistance is dedicated to our subscribers, directed on Whatsapp 
  • You can contact us on Whatsapp at any time,  we will respond as soon as possible.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]
  • You can call us at +39 3245498279
  • You can add more products from our  store without additional delivery costs.
  • You choose when and how to receive your cassette


• Customized Supply

Number of deliveries per week

Quantity of fruit per delivery

Composition of the boxes as part of the seasonal offer

Possibility to add organic packaged products suitable for a quick snack (yogurt, milk, bread, biscuits, breadsticks, jams, fruit juices)

• Exceptional Deliveries, on the occasion of business meetings, to offer guests a fantastic basket of organic fruit

• Payment at the end of the month, instead of in advance

• La Convention to Employees, to help reconcile work with the need to do the weekly shopping and have fresh and organic fruit and vegetables at affordable prices and with home delivery or at work (with a discount code dedicated to the company)

Change your Lunch Break in the Office

healthy office snack
Snacks in the office

We are the substitutes of the vending machine

  • Supply: weekly / biweekly / three-weekly / daily delivery: in the office, on the floor.
  • Days and Time of Delivery: from Monday to Friday of your choice.
  • Quantity of Fruit for each Delivery: to be agreed.
  • Contenuto della Cassetta: Mixed organic and local seasonal fruit; generally we insert only small fruits, suitable for individual consumption and snacks of dried fruit or chocolate.
  • Payment: On delivery, card, bank transfer… at your choice – single billing at the end of the month with payment by the 5th of the following month.
  • Duration of Service: Free
  • Cost of the Service: Same price as our Cassettes, 25€/34€. By subscription 22,50€/32€.
  • Areas Served: Rome and Province

Our Holiday Service

The suspension of the delivery service during the periods of company closure during the summer / winter holidays must be communicated one week in advance.

The suspension of the delivery service due to the closure of our offices during the summer / winter holidays will be communicated one week in advance.

In case of midweek holidays, the change in the day of delivery will be communicated a few days in advance.

All the fruit comes from Italian farms! Often in possession of organic certification pursuant to EU Regulation 2092/91 and subsequent 834/07.

box of fruit


The mechanism is very simple:

  • A discount code will be issued dedicated only to company members and family members
  • The employee of the affiliated company can make any purchase (box already composed by us or customized) directly on the site and pay in the preferred way, as part of those proposed.
  • Each purchase will be applied a discount associated with a reserved code.

Delivery will be made to the employee’s home (only if included in our distribution area) or to the company headquarters at a time to be agreed, even during employee exit time.

We will take care of the preparation of posters and banners to be included in the company intranet to inform employees.

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