Frequently asked questions

Accounts and Orders

You have two ways to make your purchases on our website:

  • Create your Box in the STORE (whenever you want with the products you want)
  • Buy one of the CASSETTE already composed by us (subscription or not)

Subscribing to AlPassoFood CASSETTES is simple, fast and safe!

  • Choose the box that best suits you, you will spend less than if you bought the same products from the store.
  • You will only be charged for payment at the chosen deadline.
  • Choose the periodicity you want (every week or 2 weeks)
  • You can suspend and reactivate your subscription whenever you want, for free!
  • For all customers who have subscribed to Rome and Province DELIVERY is FREE, in the rest of Italy it has a cost of € 10

Reservations are required for some products.

  • Ours are Small Producers, they do not always have the ready availability of the goods, so for some products, the producers need a few days for the preparation of the goods.
  • To facilitate the demand and supply of these products, we have created the “Booking” function


  • The manufacturer sets the preparation times of the goods, which can vary from 3 to 14 days (you can find the required time in the product description)
  • The customer who wants a product for which the reservation is planned, identified by a blue label “RESERVATION”
  1. Add the product to your cart
  2. Continue with your shopping and proceed with the payment
  3. Once you have made the purchase you will be informed about the preparation and delivery time
  • Payment should be made at the time of booking the product
  • At the end of the waiting time, the product will be collected and delivered.

The DAY of Delivery:

  • In Rome and Province  at the time of payment there is a calendar in which you can select the day (Tuesday or Thursday) in which you want to receive the delivery. If you want delivery on other days of the week just contact our assistance at the Whatsapp number
  • In Italy  write the desired delivery day in the NOTES at the time of payment (or contact our assistance at the Whatsapp number)

Delivery TIME:

  • In Rome and province, communicate your time preference via notes or whatsapp.
  • In Italy, at the moment it is not possible to choose a specific time but you will be sent an email or sms with all the information related to the shipment
  • It is possible during the Order phase.
  • If your order has not yet been shipped you can cancel it
  • Write to us on Whatsapp , we will respond as soon as possible.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]
  • Call us at +39 3245498279
  • Indicating the order number and date.
  • It is not possible to cancel it if you have received the shipping or processing email.
  • For the return of any order the shipping costs are charged to the customer.
  • For any reason you are not satisfied with the purchases, you can return the items not
    open for refund or replacement within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
  • To request the return authorization you must contact us at the email [email protected]
  • For more information on returns and refunds go to the Terms and Conditions page



  • All Payment Cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer, only upon receipt of the transfer the order is put into Process
  • Payment on Delivery in cash or by card (only in Rome and Province)
  • Rome and Province: With own vehicles and AlPassoFood Refrigerated Van
  • Throughout Italy: By express courier DHL, GLS, TNT
  • Europe: With express courier on wheels DHL, GLS, TNT, FEDEX
  • Non-Europe and Extra Europe: On Request

Shipping COSTS:

  • Rome and Province: Free shipping for orders from 25€. For orders of a lower amount the shipment has a cost of 4,5€. ZIP CODE  (Free Cassettes)

  • Provinces of Rome Far Away: Free shipping for orders from 59€. For orders of a lower amount the shipment has a cost of € 5.90. Zip code
  • Italy: Free shipping for orders from 89€. For orders of a lower amount the shipment has a cost of € 10 (+ € 6.50 for refrigerated products).
  • Europe: Our shipping costs are inclusive of VAT. Delivery at a cost of € 20, no free delivery (+ € 10 for refrigerated products).
  • Non-Europe and Non-Europe: We require the list of products to be purchased, to evaluate the exact shipping cost by contacting customer support (customs clearance carried out by courier, customer charges at the time of delivery)


  • Rome and Province:  Delivery is made, with our refrigerated vehicle, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (  at your choice). Products collected in the morning and delivered afternoon0/evening. You can also ask us for delivery on other days.
  • Italy: If your products are easily available, the fulfillment of the cassette takes place on the same day. We ship from Monday to Wednesday (Thursday only for big cities). Shipping is guaranteed by express courier in 24/48H from evasion.
  • Europe: If your products are easily available, the fulfillment of the cassette takes place on the same day. We ship Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday only for big cities)
  • Non-Europe and Non-Europe: Varies by city required


  • Unique boxes with attention to detail!
  • They are made ofdouble wave C artone, therefore a guarantee of solidity and impact resistance
  • Handles to make them even more comfortable and safe to carry
  • We fill them with paper, a decidedly eco-friendly packaging.
  • Boxes tailored to our wines.
  • Kraft Paper sticker reinforced and branded AlPassoFood, the guarantee that we are the senders and that your package has not been touched by anyone else.


  • Fruits and Vegetables sometimes also Meat and Cheese, are labeled with the Weight (correctness), Product Name (proves that it is the one actually ordered), Farm (transparency) and l ogo AlPassoFood (safety)


  • Meat and Cheese: They are vacuum-packed, to preserve the original taste and softness of the product.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: In recycled and eco-friendly paper bags
  • Wines: In tailor-made boxes for safe shipping
  • Box: Covered with paper


  • Rome and Province, we deliver with our Refrigerated Van between 0 and 4C °
  • Isothermal packaging with the previously frozen gel ice inside.
  • The isothermal kits contain gel ice capable of preserving the product unaltered for 72h calculated from the afternoon of the shipping day
  • Orders whose products are all available, upon confirmation of payment, are processed and entrusted to the courier in 1/2 days.
  • When in your order there are fresh products such as, for example, cold cuts, cheeses or vegetables: in this case the times vary according to how long the supplier manages to supply us with his products which, once recovered, will be shipped immediately.
  • The preparation of the order therefore , sometimes, can take a few days longer than the standard times (to ensure freshness and goodness)
  • You can view it by accessing the My Account page with your login details
  • Selecting the “orders” menu.
  • When the order is delivered to the courier you will receive an email or sms notification with the DHL tracking number
  • The problems of the courier are our problems.
  • If the delivery is not carried out correctly or in time to easily consume the products, our consumer care service will promptly remedy all situations
  • If the package arrives damaged, take a picture of the box before opening it, and once opened, a photo of the status of the contents. Inform us as soon as possible and send us the photos taken, our consumer care office will contact you

Frequently asked questions