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Lucciano Farm

Fattoria Lucciano has been an organic farm since 1989: surrounded by groves and streams, protected by the thirteenth-century Castle that watches over its entrance, it is daily engaged in agricultural practices that allow to obtain high quality food products, nutritious and organoleptic, with the utmost respect for the environmental resource and its biodiversity.

“The philosophy of organic farming according to which the company is seen as an autonomous entity in a closed cycle finds its full application in the Fattoria Lucciano, not only in the production phase, but also in that of processing and marketing”.

Lucciano Farm


In the Fattoria Lucciano a herd of about 140 Brown cattle is bred according to the criteria of organic animal husbandry. They are animals that live in a suitable environment, where, being able to express their natural behavior, they get sick very rarely and provide milk for cheeses and meat of the highest quality, nutritious and organoleptic.


The milk, just milked in the milking room, arrives at the cooler directly from the cow’s udder and from here through a very short duct reaches the dairy without suffering the stress of transport, nor any contact with the outside: thus begins the path that, through various steps, leads to the cheese.

organic farm
organic farm


The cattle raised in the Lucciano Farm belong to the Brown Breed, animals with a triple attitude: work, milk and meat.


Inthe territory where the farm is located, the favorable environmental conditions and the type of breeding practiced, allow the animals to live in excellent health, thus enhancing the precious characteristic of the cows to be producers of a qualitatively superior milk and particularly suitable for cheesemaking.


Theherd consists of 135-150 animals, depending on the periods, including reassembly, calves and slaughter heifers.

Animal Health

This is demonstrated by the amount of veterinary expenses that for the approximately 140 cattle, in 2011, does not reach 1,000 Euros! How is this possible?


First of all, because animals live in an environment suitable for their health, where they can express their natural behavior.

They are fed properly throughout life. Until the seventh month their food consists of mothers’ milk and this causes them to take in antibodies, vitamins and all the numerous and precious nutrients present in breast milk: a protective kit that will accompany them throughout their lives!

Whether they are in the open or sheltered, day or night they are free to move, eat, drink, sleep.

Another reason is found in the company practice of giving birth to females later than in conventional stables: this is both because the animal is more formed, robust, and because the whole breeding system is different.

Think that in the Fattoria Lucciano a cow is in production even up to 15 years while in a conventional farm they remain in activity, due to the intense exploitation of the animal, on average 5 years.

This is because, for example, you want to get from an animal in 3 years what it would naturally provide in 6-7.

And the cows lovingly reciprocate with a milk of the highest quality!

Olive grove and oil mill

Many myths have grown around the olive tree, its branches, the twisted shapes of the trunk; Healing properties were extracted from the shoots and leaves, admirable furniture and inlays were made with its wood.

Vineyard and cellar


The vineyard of Fattoria Lucciano, planted in 2012, covers about 2.2 hectares. It is a double Guyot plant, with a height of 50 cm and a sixth plant of 0.80 x 2.5 m.

The guyot system has been designed for quality productions, needs many green pruning interventions and can only be managed manually due to its poor adaptability to mechanization.

The pruning of our vineyard is done leaving two very short fruit heads, (maximum 4 buds each) to obtain a few high quality grapes. This pruning system allows you to obtain excellent aeration and excellent sun exposure of leaves and bunches.

Hazel grove

Among the first timid signs of spring, unforgettable is the  flowering of the hazel, very important for bees because it provides valuable nourishment in a period still of scarcity as well as being an admirable spectacle for “slow” people who will be able to admire the tiny female flowers, dressed in a red-purple dress.

Arable crops

For a good management of the herd the land surrounding the stable is used as pasture, directly accessible to the animals.
The pastures, whose area amounts to about 30 hectares, are divided into 5 sectors of about 6 hectares each.

Farm in rome

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