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Lake Martigniano

The company, owned since the end of the 800, extends within the regional protected area of Bracciano and Martignano (SPA CE), straddling the two lakes on hilly terrain of volcanic origin degrading on the shores of the small lake of Martignano in a unique and well-maintained context and is cultivated in direct cultivation with collaborators.

These lands were purchased in a historical period in which pastoralism was the most widespread type of breeding then over the years the crop system has been adapted from time to time to both climate and market changes.

today they grow organically:

  • Fodder
  • Cereals
  • Legumes
  • Pomegranate
  • Pastures
  • Coppice
organic pomegranate and pear juice
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Livestock production

  • Ample pastures, canopies, luminous stables are guaranteed;
  • Animals grow according to their natural growth rate, are not stressed and rarely get sick;
  • Each bovine head is equipped with an ear tag and all animals are registered in the National Database.

Crop production

  • Cereals, legumes and grasses are grown organically;
  • No herbicides, pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers are used;
  • The fertility of the soil is maintained;
  • The environmental impact is minimized;
  • Biodiversity is restored;
  • Genetically modified seed shall not be used
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Pomegranate Juice
organic pomegranate and pear juice
Organic Pomegranate and Pear Juice

The organic pomegranate

We have been growing 3 varieties of pomegranate for some years, always in organic regime.

The varieties are:

  • wonderful
  • mollar de elce
  • Valencian
pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are used fresh, or processed into pomegranate juice.

The harvest period, depending on the seasons, starts from the month of September and generally ends within a month of the beginning. Unfortunately, our plant has suffered serious damage with the late frosts of a few years ago and now we are starting again with a modest harvest.

The juice which, to tell the truth, is properly a pomegranate juice is packaged in small bottles of 200ml each , from this year we also produce juice 50% pomegranate and 50% pear , both from agricultural organic .

The cultivation of this plant, in biological regime is extremely complex as the plant is very lush and involves a lot of work for the elimination of annual ricacci, an operation that must necessarily be carried out manually, so the production costs are very high.

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