sea of etna

Etna sea, mascali (CT)

The  Cooperative Mare dell’Etna of Portopalo di Capo Passero   is an entrepreneurial reality born in July 2016 with the intention of creating a strictly local product FAO 37, fished only and exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea and processed totally by hand. 

We are a fledgling artisan business entering the market today. 

Our mission is strongly focused on enhancing Sicilian seafood culture and promoting the catch and resources of our area. 

We also set ourselves an important social purpose, which is to be able to evolve and to be able to offer concrete employment opportunities to the youth of our land.

Our Values

Our cooperative is inspired by core values such as strong rootedness in local tradition, deep respect for the environment, sustainability and certified food safety, in total compliance with sanitation regulations.

These are exactly the same guiding principles of the most authentic ancient local seafaring tradition and are the basis for us to carry out our work.

Respect for ancient seafaring processes is perfectly expressed in the production processes adopted within our factory.

The stages of cutting, processing and preserving the catch are exactly the same as in the past, with the aim of maintaining the authenticity of a product that is strictly our own.

Products traceable and genuine

We devote special attention to the selection of the catch.

To do this, we source exclusively from serious shipowners who guarantee us the extreme quality and complete traceability of the products we process.

The stages of our production

The production process involves precise processing and transformation steps for which we employ an experienced work staff and specialized operating units assigned to individual tasks.

After the catch is sorted, transported and cut, it is cooked by boiling inside state-of-the-art machines.

The boiling of the catch is done in water and salt so as to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the fish.

Afterwards, the product is cleaned of bones and potted by hand, as per tradition.

The ‘ ancient Sicilian seafood processing then includes the phase of filling the fillets with olive oil, from Nocellara Etnea, produced in a stone-milled mill.

Finally, we continue with the sterilization of the products, which then move on to the labeling and packaging stage.

Fundamental to our production is the maturing process, which varies from a minimum of ninety to a maximum of one hundred and twenty days and allows the product to acquire a truly unmistakable taste.

Quality, nature and taste

Our production is absolutely natural.

We use top-quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil supplied by the Nocellara Etnea mill with strictly stone milling, which gives an absolutely unmistakable taste to our products.

High quality and respect for ancient craftsmanship have been rewarded:

the Mare dell’Etna Cooperative of Portopalo di Capo Passero has been asked to represent Sicily at Slow Fish 2017, an important opportunity to spread and publicize the high value of our ancient maritime tradition.

sea of etna

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