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Aranova, Fiumicino (RM) – Italy

Producer of Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream and Organic Meat

Giuseppe Brandizzi Biolà

Giuseppe Brandizzi

Carlotta Brandizzi Biola

Carlotta Brandizzi

We went to visit for the first time the biolà company a few minutes from Rome.

Giuseppe the owner of the company and his daughter Carlotta welcomed us showing us all their systems,

from animals to the production of Milk and Cheese, telling us about their passion and their history.

The History of Biolà

The Brandizzi family has been working in these territories since the early ‘900, when Grandfather Giuseppe bought the farm.

Over the years the farm has followed the changes in the sector and starting in the 60s, has converted the breeding activity passing exclusively to the breeding of dairy cows.

Giovanni Brandizzi, in the 70s anticipated the changes in the market and gave an innovative boost to the company.

Thanks to a trip to the United States, he got to know new techniques and later made structural and functional changes to the company.

Towards the end of the 90s he chose to adopt the Biological system, as a tool of excellence and competitiveness.

In 1997 , in fact, the company received the first certification of Organic Farm; to follow in 1999 the Organic certification is also extended to breeding.

organic ice cream

The Organic Farm in Rome

Our farm is located a few kilometers from Rome in Aranova, in the municipality of Fiumicino, in the territory of the Agro Romano,

dedicated for centuries to cultivation and breeding.

The farm has an area of 200 hectares and has two farms:

    • a wild where mestizo cows are bred, fed on pasture, destined for meat production.
    • one in the barn where we raise about 70 cows for milk production.

Organic cows

The herd consists of cows of Friesian, Jersey and Mestizo breeds.

The milk yields of the Friesian cow are very high, however in our farm we maintain milk production within the limits of their possibilities, without exploiting them.

Jersey cows have optimal characteristics with regard to the quality of milk, which is particularly rich in fat and ideal for the production of butter.

Organic Farm

Products made with passion

The experience gained in more than 20 years of family activity as an organic farm, has taught us to respect natural cycles and to carry out our work in harmony with the earth, completing the entire production process within the company.

We believe in creating products that are sustainable for the environment and balanced from a nutritional point of view.

organic meat
organic milk
organic scamorza cheese

Sustainability and organic

Since 1999 the breeding is certified Organic, so in the production processes are not used technical chemical means (weeding, fertilizers) nor allopathic drugs, but only homeopathic.

Following the philosophy of Organic, Biolà respects the balance and times of nature. This happens at all stages of work, from feeding the cows to the distribution of our products.

Sustainability also means the conscious use of packaging and the reduction of waste production.
Hence the choice of a direct distribution with a short supply chain, which helps to ensure the maximum freshness of our products. They are also traceable from the beginning and the entire production process takes place within the company.

Cows feed on fodder obtained directly in our soils, no chemical technical means or GMO products are used. The rennet used is exclusively of animal origin.

Organic meat processing

Even the slaughterhouses with which we collaborate for slaughter are certified by Organic Farming; the processing (cutting and packaging) takes place within our company.

After slaughter, our meat undergoes a dry maturation process, that is, it is placed in cells at a controlled temperature for 10 days. After this time, the meat is stored vacuum-packed in refrigerated places (Wet Aging).

During maturation the color of the meat may undergo variations, which however are reversible when the meat is exposed to oxygen.

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