Az. Organic Farm Silvanus

The Silvanus organic vegetable garden is located in the north of Rome and covers 5000 square meters. 

Inside there are also flower beds grown with the technique of synergistic agriculture.

The association

The Silvanus Organic Farm in collaboration 

with the Association of Social Promotion “Gipa Fuori dalla Stanza” 

Proposes a garden idea “beyond Organic.”

 The products are cultivated with the Synergistic method, without any fertilizer, not even natural, to offer vegetables that are 100% as well as the land itself gives them to us, preserving the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the products.

organic farm silvanus
organic farm silvanus
rome salad

The Synergistic Vegetable Garden

In the garden, children with disabilities carry out the following laboratory activities alongside the farmer of the Silvanus Organic Farm:

  • Management and care of vegetable gardens;
  • Production of medicinal plants to obtain essential oils, herbal teas and spices;
  • Management and care of a small apiary for the production of propolis and wax, taking care to integrate the surrounding space with melliferous plants and flowers.
  • Production and harvesting of local seeds self-produced in our greenhouse to defend the culture of bio-diversity.

The Project

The project aims to enhance the agricultural experience not only as an encounter with the land but above all as a tool for integration between people

From the collaboration between these two realities, a small farm and an association of social promotion, our garden becomes a place to offer employability to people in conditions of fragility: it is an experience of contamination and hopes where disabled children are the protagonists of an extraordinary journey, where not only vegetables are grown but life experiences.

In the Silvanus organic garden, the employment activities of the intervention project “Durante e dopo di noi” of the Lazio region are also welcomed, which “intends to meet the welfare needs of people with disabilities by ensuring adequate assistance in case of possible loss of parents or family members who provided for it.

It is a path that requires a preparation for the “detachment” that must be activated before the disappearance of the parents. At this stage, the intervention also aims to give relief to parents or family members, relieving them for a few hours a day or for certain periods of the year from their care commitments”.

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