agricola gregori

The Gregori Farm took its first steps about 30 years ago, with the birth of a family-run business that set out to create a sought-after agriculture that, at the same time, followed the natural growth path of the fruits of the earth.

Our commitment, obtaining plants rich in trace elements, with an unparalleled molecular density, with high organoleptic value that stand out in sensory analysis and stand at the top… naturally without any chemical residue.

gregori farm

Over the years we have refined our skills and our steps have followed those of time, we have reinvented ourselves and we have implemented not only production, but also increased the quality of our products.


To date, what remains important is the principle of authenticity and seasonality, which allows us to have fresh and genuine products every day through the exclusive use of natural fertilizers such as Earthworm Humus and cornung.


Currently, we have moved to Via Flaminia 1756, but we still make the family our strong point; the land we love and cultivate is not only our workplace, but it is an integral part of our family.


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